June 19, 2007

In an effort to differentiate itself in a crowded auto insurance marketplace, Seattle-based Safeco Insurance recently rolled out the Teensurance program, a bundle of technologies and services designed to aid parents as they deal with their new teen drivers. The program was launched by Open Seas Solutions, a division of Safeco formed last August to focus on research, development and innovation.The Teensurance program allows parents to monitor specific aspects of their teenaged children's driving, thanks to the Safety Beacon, a GPS device installed under the dashboard. Parents can set specific speed, distance, location and curfew limitations, according to Safeco. Notifications are sent when those limits are exceeded.

Teensurance will be available starting June 27. To view a video demo of the Teensurance system in action, visit the Teensurance Web site and click "View Teensurance Video."

-Nathan Conz