4 Insurance CEOs Reveal Cybersecurity Practices

During the CEO roundtable at this year's Property Casualty Joint Industry Forum, panelists were asked: "What does your company do to protect customer data?"
January 16, 2014

The fallout from the Target data breach has cascaded across the business world: Any company that harbors consumers' sensitive financial information can see firsthand the reputational impact that comes after exposing 40 million customer card numbers. At this year's Property Casualty Joint Industry Forum, insurance CEOs were asked during a roundtable how their companies secure their IT infrastructure against threats. Following are some of their responses:

All photos by Don Pollard.

1. Peter Hancock, AIG Property Casualty

We're under attack hundreds of times a day. We let them penetrate to a certain level so we learn more about the attacker. But at the end of the day one of the most prevalent vulnerabilities is human error. So we're also working hard on social engineering and making it easier to follow procedures. If you don't think about it holistically, you can overoptimize somewhere and miss something crucial.

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