8 Priorities for More Effective Mobile Security

Smartphone shipments are expected to reach 1.7 billion in 2017, forecasts telecommunications analyst Ovum – more evidence that the growth of the mobile channel presents opportunities for insurance companies in areas as diverse as distribution, claims and customer service. However, security remains a huge concern – especially as the bring-your-own-device movement means increasing volumes of sensitive corporate and client information are handled on mobile devices. To help insurers optimize the mobile channel while minimizing risks, here are some words of warning, insights and recommendations about how to address mobile security challenges.
May 04, 2012

1. Any Business Can Be a Target

Any business, no matter what size, is a target for stealing sensitive information. Just because you’re small, doesn’t make you less important to hackers. Actually, it makes you more important because they know your budget is small. We all need to be diligent about protecting data. Mobile technology brings significant benefit and significant complexity. Just be knowledgeable of both sides of the risk equation as you move into the mobile arena.

— Corbin Nash, Chief Security Officer, Progressive.

Source: Progressive Insurance

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