• The time for retrenchment in the insurance industry is over, with the worst of the financial crisis past and the economy in a slow but real recovery mode. The industry's collective refocus on growth presents a number of challenges to insurance IT organizations, which will provide the foundation that supports these next-generation growth strategies. The emergence of new platforms such as mobile or new models such as cloud computing are giving IT executives more options, but they also must grapple with accelerating customer, distributor and employee expectations for a unified and consistent anytime/anywhere experience. IT budgets are somewhat more generous, but the projects are more high-profile, with increased transparency – and risks.

    In the wake of the financial crisis and economic recession, the long-standing challenge faced by insurance technology executives – drive growth and innovation while controlling risk, reducing inefficiencies and leveraging existing staff and systems resources – has taken on new significance. What does it take to achieve the right balance among seemingly competing imperatives: Staying ahead of the technology curve, making smart and productive investments, streamlining operations and improving service?

    At Insurance & Technology's 13th Annual Executive Summit you'll gain an edge on reconciling these imperatives, and will learn how top carriers are incorporating the trends and technologies that drive growth, profitability and compliance. Join an exclusive group of senior-level insurance executives to network, learn, and engage with industry leaders about best practices and competitive differentiation. Your take-away from the Executive Summit? A valuable toolkit of resources, tactics and ideas that will make you smarter and your organization more successful.