• November 8, 2011

    6:30 am - 7:30 am
    7:30 am - 8:40 am
    Strategic Issues Roundtables
    Join with your peers to debate some of the most urgent issues in the insurance industry today. In these informal discussion groups you will share war stories, make contacts, brainstorm and learn from other insurance executives who share your concerns on key strategic and technology issues.
    8:40 am - 9:15 am
    Exclusive Research: The Future Vision of Insurance IT
    What will the insurance IT organizations of the future look like? Will there even be dedicated IT organizations, or will technology be so pervasive in the enterprise that there is no distinction between the business and IT? How will an uncertain regulatory environment, changing demographics and new means of communications and collaboration shape not only the ways insurers interact with their customers, but the nature of the financial services workforce as well? Insurance & Technology presents the results of an exclusive research study that reveals where CIOs and other senior insurance execs think the industry is going and what the key issues for 2012 will be.
    • Spending forecasts and budget outlook.
    • Assessing the competition.
    • Hot technologies - what's hype, what's reality?
    • Redefining the CIO role.
    ModeratorsAnthony O’Donnell, Executive Editor, Insurance & Technology
    Nathan Golia, Associate Editor, Insurance & Technology
    Katherine Burger, Editorial Director, Insurance & Technology
    Deborah M. Smallwood, Founder, Strategy Meets Action
    9:15 am - 10:00 am
    Beyond Partnership: An Elite 8 and Technology Company Point/Counterpoint
    Tech spending is on the upswing, but are insurance companies getting the results they expect? Technology capabilities are expanding and vendors are offering a range of modern solutions based on more open and cost-effective architectures, but do insurers have realistic expectations about implementation and ROI? As the industry emerges from the financial crisis and refocuses on growth, there are new opportunities for financial institutions and vendors to work together to achieve a higher level of performance and service, but what are the obstacles to achieving this kind of win-win scenario? In this interactive session, 2011 Elite 8 executives face off against executives from some of the insurance technology industry's most innovative companies to address some of the key challenges and issues facing the industry, including:
    • 2012 IT budget forecasts - where is the spending going, and does this make sense?
    • What is "the next big thing" in insurance technology?
    • Rethinking the RFP process for better results.
    • How to achieve and maintain competitive differentiation.
    ModeratorDeborah M. Smallwood, Founder, Strategy Meets Action
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    10:00 am - 10:15 am
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