Insurance companies have long aspired to the goal of becoming truly customer-centric, as opposed to the traditional product/policy focus. Until recently, however, many organizations fell far short of that ambition, stymied by legacy systems, balky corporate cultures and a lack of enabling technologies. Today it's a much different story. Far from being the cautious tech laggards of the past, insurers actually are taking the lead in exploring innovative and technology-driven to interact with policyholders, customize offerings and channels for both customers and distributors, and generally transform the all-important customer experience. But it's hardly "mission accomplished," as insurers of all sizes and lines of business are dealing with an increasingly tech-savvy customer base that is demanding control, convenience and transparency in all their financial services transactions.

The bottom line is that there are a wealth of new opportunities for insurance organizations to build new and more profitable types of customer relationships - and along with this a host of new and complex challenges and risks. Ultimately, the institutions that are able to harness explosion of data, adopt new digital-based forms of customer interaction, and implement frictionless and secure transaction models will redefine the model of how an insurance company operates, grows and succeeds. The winning insurer of the future will be multi-channel but highly customer-centric, digital but personal, innovative but risk management-committed.

At Insurance & Technology's 14th Annual Executive Summit you'll gain an insider's access to information about the strategies and technologies that will transform insurance as we know it. Join an exclusive group of senior-level insurance company executives to network, make valuable new contacts, and learn about industry-leading approaches to channel profitability, operational and transaction excellence, and organizational effectiveness. Your participation in I&T's 2012 Executive Summit will enable you to advance your organization to a new level of high-performance, insight and growth.

Meet Insurance & Technology's 2011 Elite 8 Honorees
Insurance & Technology's 2011 Elite 8 honorees exemplify the qualities and skills required of today's senior insurance technology executives to lead their organizations' efforts to create business value and distinction.

Previous Speakers at the I&T Summit

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Global Billing Revolution is remaking Insurance Operations
Watch the on-demand panel discussion with experts from NOVARICA, AM Best and MphasiS as they discuss the latest trends in billing operations management and how it applies to insurers in today’s economy and market conditions.

MphasiS launches an end-to-end operations, systems and cloud based infrastructure solution Billing as a Service (BaaS) to manage complex billing requirements of Insurance organizations. With a state-of-the-art billing system, best practices and award winning call center and portal operations, BaaS enables you to fully capitalize the power of a comprehensive and flexible cloud solution to drive success for your business and stay ahead of the competition.
To gain further insight into the Global Billing Revolution, download the interactive whitepaper from AM Best and MphasiS.
End-to-end PAS with industry's best user experience

FAST provides the industry's first truly component-based Policy Administration solution. It streamlines complex insurance processing and provides an intuitive user interface.
proof in the results

FAST has been able to prove out its bold claims about speeding up development, reducing cost and lowering risk with our clients. This proof has been demonstrated in large strategic projects as well as smaller tactical initiatives.
On-demand customer communications for life and annuity carriers
Effective administration of life and annuity products is no easy task, given the constraints of regulatory compliance and inefficiencies created by legacy and disparate front and back-office applications, systems, and workflows.
On-demand, compliant customer communications for property and casualty insurance carriers
Effective administration of property and casualty products is no easy task, given the constraints of regulatory compliance and inefficiencies created by legacy and disparate front and back-office applications, systems, and workflows.
Connected Consumer and the Future of Financial Services
- This guide focuses on delivering highly personalized customer correspondence using easy-to-use software that automates the entire process.
10 Things Most Vendors Won't Tell You About Modernization
Financial services firms have always connected consum-ers, whether for pooling risk or converting one person's savings to another's mortgage. Today, however, consumers are connecting directly to each other on a massive scale using new technologies.
An eGain White Paper
Customer Service Challenges and Innovations in the Financial Services and Insurance Sectors
eGain Case Study
Premier Diversified Insurance and Financial Services Giant Ensures More Web Sales with Cobrowse, Chat, and Click to Call

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Full Spectrum Services
Product implementation services white paper- including Product evaluation, enhancement, implementation and configuration, interfaces and integration, Testing, upgrades and support.
Stay Ahead Program
Six of the 30 largest insurance companies in the world partner with Syntel. An array of business technology solutions across Personal and Commercial, Life and Retirement, and Health Insurers make Syntel their preferred partner.
Insurance 2020: Turning change into opportunity
The future may be hard to predict, but need not be hard to prepare for. Insurers are grappling with the tough new business, investment and regulatory environments that are emerging from the financial crisis.
The insurance industry in 2012
The low level of interest rates and the period for which they have persisted are unusual but not unprecedented. Following the Great Depression, interest rates were as low as or even lower than they are today and remained so for over ten years.
Oracle Insurance Customer Video
Oracle is a proud sponsor of the 2012 Insurance & Technology Executive Summit. In this video, four real-world insurers describe how they have transformed their business using Oracle Insurance applications. Disconnected Customer Video
Customer engagement research commissioned by, shows that insurance companies are failing to meet customer demand for personal communication.
EMC Documentum xCP Solutions for Insurance
- With EMC Documentum xCP, a solution for insurance can be configured with prebuilt templates and components, reducing cost and time to value.
Best Practices in Multichannel Management for Insurance
- This guide focuses on delivering highly personalized customer correspondence using easy-to-use software that automates the entire process.
TCS Consulting Journal
Customer Service: Lead Player in Customer Experience
TCS Virtual Assistant
The strategic initiatives and business decisions of the service providers continue to revolve around customer preferences and needs. With increasing customer expectations on service and evolving technologies, customer interactions demand automated exchange of information in real time.
Transforming the Insurance Enterprise with Cloud Computing
Fujitsu Alliance with
Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance
Transform your Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance business in the Cloud. Fujitsu and play a key role in achieving cost reduction and customer/employee service improvement in the "high touch" P&C insurance market: Sales, underwriting, fraud, policy administration, claims processing, Business Process Management (BPM) and customer service.
Streamlining Investment Portfolio Management And Control
While the complexity and sophistication of financial assets available to portfolio managers has increased significantly in recent years, the same cannot be said of the processes employed to manage them. In a typical investment management scenario, a portfolio manager is responsible for a wide range of asset types such as cash, derivatives, securities, mortgages and loans. All of these have to be tracked, reported on and reconciled to the general ledger.
Unlocking the Potential of SAP Enterprise Solutions
To thrive in this market companies need to be able to effectively identify and adapt to changing market conditions. They need to be able to efficiently analyze, optimize and control business processes at all levels. Mastery of this will aid an enterprise in gaining the advantage over increasing competition and coping with industry regulation and oversight.

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