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Securing Your Endpoints from Ransomware & Other Trending Attacks
Date: Jun 28, 2017
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Attackers have shifted their tactics. They've discovered new ways to re-engineer tactics to make them easier to execute, more evasive, and more likely to deceive targeted users. Combined with targeting platforms that organizations falsely consider more secure, these sophisticated attacks, including ransomware, are proving very damaging to unprepared organizations.

Data: To Trust or to Not Trust the Data, That is The Question!
Date: Jul 11, 2017
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Join us as the author of the book "Everydata: The Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data You Consume Every Day" examines common ways data is misrepresented or misinterpreted, the limitations of forecasts and predictions, and how to recognize "Tells" in data. Register today!

How Cloud Can Streamline Business Workflow
Date: Jul 11, 2017
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In order to optimize your utilization of cloud computing, you need to be able to deliver reliable and scalable high performing application over your corporate network. Your business counterparts will expect you to provide network performance that can handle all kinds of workload spikes, which means being able to leverage the cloud for prioritizing traffic, scaling your applications' workloads, and streamlining connections between data centers. In this lesson, we'll discuss how to use cloud computing services and capabilities for planning and implementing application delivery for all of your business's cloud computing environments.

[Cyber Attackers] How They Research Your Organization & What To Do About It
Date: Jul 13, 2017
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In this eye-opening webinar, you'll learn how attackers can take advantage of your website, employees' social media, and other vehicles to learn about your organization - and get the ammunition they need to convince your end users to trust them.

Stop the Stopgaps: How to Look for New Security Technologies
Date: Jul 19, 2017
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Given today's threat landscape, combined with so many security options available today, it can be daunting when selecting new or alternative technologies to protect your business. Your security team has unique challenges; therefore, you should be asking your next security vendor how they will meet your requirements--both for today, and the future. Join us and hear as David Monahan, Research Director for Risk and Security Management with EMA, shares his thoughts and recommendations around security best practices.

Out of the Black Box: Selling Security to your C-suite
Date: Jul 20, 2017
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To maximize the return on cloud security investments, CISOs need a seat at the table. Unfortunately, getting them there isn't always simple, especially when security is often handled in a clandestine way that doesn't always clearly demonstrate its value. Join us as we explore key steps security professionals can employ to get their security program "out of the black box" and into their organization's cloud strategy.

The Real Impact of a Data Security Breach
Date: Aug 02, 2017
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In this webcast, experts discuss the real losses associated with a breach, both in the data center and in the business and how an effective data breach response program can help mitigate the damage.

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