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How Online Attackers Find Out About Your Organization
Date: Apr 19, 2017
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Whether they are large or small, most targeted cyberattacks begin with some simple research on your organization. This process of collecting "open source intelligence" (OSINT) may include discovering employee information on e-mail or social networks, investigating your enterprise via sophisticated search techniques or the Dark Web, or basic social engineering methods that fool trusted users into giving up credentials or other information. In this fascinating webinar, top experts discuss the methods that online attackers use to perform "reconnaissance" on your organization - and they offer advice on how you can make it more difficult for attackers to collect the information they need to launch an exploit.

Cloud Security: Myths & Reality
Date: Apr 11, 2017
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Enterprises are expanding their use of cloud services and cloud applications every day - but what are the security implications? Are cloud environments less secure than traditional enterprise networks? What can enterprises do to protect critical data in these cloud environments? In this webcast, top experts examine the security myths surrounding cloud services and discuss actual current threats and strategies for defending against them, so that CISOs can empower their organizations and extend business into the cloud with confidence.

NGES (Next Gen Endpoint Security): Tips & Key Considerations for Evaluating Solutions
Date: Apr 04, 2017
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Next generation endpoint security (NGES) is one of the hottest topics in today's cybersecurity market, and for good reason. Traditional preventative measures alone offer insufficient endpoint protection - causing an influx of vendors offering NGES. While the market is relatively new, it is often extremely difficult to cut through the marketing noise to figure out what some NGES companies actually do. Attend this webinar and you will walk away with insights to help guide you through the most important aspects of evaluating NGES solutions, register today!

Data at Risk: Regulatory Compliance & Privacy Protection
Date: Mar 30, 2017
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The current spate of high profile data breaches has put privacy in the spotlight. There are dozens of state and federal regulations that may apply, plus numerous industry codes and standards, to say nothing of international rules. Without a thorough legal review of data retention and management practices, a company is at risk. This session will address critical considerations around compliant management of data.

How To Turn Your Data Into Dollars
Date: Mar 29, 2017
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Organizations are swamped with data in the form of web traffic, ERP systems, CRM systems, point of sale data, and more. How do you turn that giant heap of data to an organized, integrated insight-generating machine? How do you turn that data into insights into value? Join us on All Analytics radio as we welcome guests Andrew Wells and Kathy Chiang, authors of the new book "Monetizing Your Data: A Guide to Turning Data into Profit-Driving Strategies and Solutions" and find out how!

[Ransomware] Remediation & Recovery
Date: Mar 28, 2017
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You've been hit by ransomware - and hit hard. Your organization has decided it won't give in to the attackers' demands for a ransom. Now what?

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