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Preparing for The Ransomware Onslaught -- Part 3: Ransomware Remediation & Recovery
Date: Mar 28, 2017
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You've been hit by ransomware - and hit hard. Your organization has decided it won't give in to the attackers' demands for a ransom. Now what?

Enriching Threat Intelligence Data
Date: Mar 23, 2017
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Security teams now have a wide variety of threat intelligence sources feeding them magical "indicators of compromise." Yet, an IP address or domain name on its own only provides so much intelligence. Understanding the context around these indicators of compromise dramatically increases their value to analysts. Enriching indicator feeds with data from other sources can help analysts better identify patterns and other details that might otherwise be lost during an investigation or analysis.

Becoming a Threat Hunter in Your Enterprise
Date: Mar 16, 2017
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You're tired of waiting. Tired of waiting for your technology to alert you that there's already a problem. You want to be more proactive, sink your hands into those threat intelligence feeds, dig into those behavioral analytics reports, follow one clue after another after another, until it leads you to a would-be attacker, before they finish carrying out their grand plan. What you want is to be a threat hunter.

Building a Cybersecurity Architecture to Combat Today's Risks
Date: Mar 15, 2017
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"Layered defense" has traditionally been the modus operandi of IT security, but this approach can't be counted on to stand up to today's threats and attacks. In addition, attack surfaces are growing every day as companies adopt technologies like cloud and the Internet of Things. So how can you combat today's risks?

Cloud App Security - Don't let your Office 365 users be your security weak link
Date: Mar 14, 2017
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As corporate emails and files move to cloud apps such as Office 365 and G Suite to drive efficiencies, the reality is that users are still the weakest security link. That's because hackers are attacking the weakest link in your cybersecurity - your end users.

5 Most Effective Breach Methods - A Virtual Hacker Perspective
Date: Mar 07, 2017
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The SafeBreach platform continuously simulates hacker behavior, allowing organizations to see the impact from a breach - before it occurs. Which were the most effective techniques we used? How do they work? Which security controls were effective against these methods? How can you stop them?

IT Careers 3.0: What You Need to Get Ahead
Date: Mar 07, 2017
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In the early years of tech, hard skills were all you needed. Over the last decade, the emphasis shifted to include soft skills such as communication, writing, time management, and collaboration. Today's employers want all of that, plus a working knowledge of business operations to bring the whole package together. Can you keep up with the evolving requirements to be successful in the IT industry? Can anyone?

Breaking The Vulnerability Cycle - Key Findings from 100 CISOs
Date: Mar 02, 2017
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We surveyed 100 CISOs and security decision makers and found that today's application security teams are facing 3 distinct issues that lead to vulnerability

[Cybersecurity] Costs vs. Benefits
Date: Feb 28, 2017
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This online event, hosted by the editors of Dark Reading, brings together IT security leaders, business executives, and cyber threat experts will provide you with a holistic view of the costs and benefits of information security investments.

The Cyber Threat From Russia and China: Myths and Realities
Date: Feb 27, 2017
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Over the last few years, hackers from Russia and China have been accused of everything from re-routing the Internet to tampering with U.S. elections. But if you're a U.S.-based enterprise tasked with protecting critical data, how worried should you be?Could state-sponsored attackers from Russia and China be targeting your network?

Preparing For The Ransomware Onslaught -- Part 2: Ransomware Detection & Triage
Date: Feb 23, 2017
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Ransomware operators will always announce their presence, but not until after they've finished locking you out of your systems. There are, however, ways that you might be able to catch them in the act, if you know what to look for.

2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights Report for Leaders: Partnering to Fight Cybercrime
Date: Feb 23, 2017
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This webcast will provide you with insight on ways to strengthen your security program, and will also review our "2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights for Leaders" report, in which we share several key findings and observations from our client engagements about the security industry.

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