The Eight Stages of an Agile Approach That Works

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Source: OutSystems
Date: February 2009
Type: White Paper
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Overview: With the experiences gathered through 500+ Agile projects, the OutSystems team has developed and refined a repeatable way to enable the efficient and successful delivery of enterprise-scale Agile projects -- in essence, defining an Agile method that works. This approach includes the concepts applied, the tools used and the activities conducted for successfully delivering web business applications. By leveraging the Agile Platform and Agile Network, organizations are able to adopt Agile development methods and scale their Agile projects across their IT organization. At OutSystems, we believe that being Agile requires not only a set of adaptive processes but also tools that make everyone involved with the project, agile. This includes the complete Agile delivery team management, development team members, business users and all key stakeholders.

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