AMERICAN NATIONAL SIMPLIFIES PRODUCT INTRODUCTION WITH CSC'S REAL-TIME SOFTWARE: Mid-Sized Life Insurer Consolidates Systems to Support Acquisitions and Growth

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Source: CSC
Date: May 2009
Type: Case Study
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Overview: Once known as a home service company, American National has transitioned into a mid-sized multi-line carrier with an ever growing, complex line of life and annuity products, including a range of variable and indexed products. Over the years, American National has acquired a number of carriers, most of which were folded into the corporation through conversions of closed blocks. As the company evolved, developing innovative products while adhering to regulations and keeping costs down became increasingly important. The carrierís Independent Marketing Group (IMG), which is the highest growth channel, is always pushing for more complex products with innovative features. To respond to competitive challenges, American National needed to overcome some fundamental limitations of its core policy administration systems. Download the case study to learn how CSC helped American Nationalís IT organization and business units to undergo a major cultural shift, becoming a business enabler focused on customer-facing systems.

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