Workforce Optimization in Insurance Claims Operations: Adding People to the Productivity Equation

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Source: Verint
Date: May 2011
Type: White Paper
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Overview: In this eBook, Verint Systems takes a closer look at the opportunities for improved efficiencies left on the table by current technology and practices. Verint explains workforce optimization- a software solution for improving staff productivity and performance in the back office, as well as in other parts of the organization. Back-office workforce optimization solutions are now available to help insurers process more customer transactions with fewer resources, reduce turnaround times and costs, improve bottom-line profitability and customer satisfaction, and more.

Discover how insurers are increasingly relying on workforce optimization solutions to manage a range of tasks, including:

Monitoring employee performance and processing effectiveness at the desktop for improved quality.

Matching work with employee skills and availability to minimize downtime.

Tracking service levels to ensure deadlines are met.

Automating many lower-value administrative tasks, such as scheduling, item tracking, report creation, freeing management to focus on achieving better claims outcomes.

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