Driving New and Organic Growth: Identify and Capitalize on Enterprise Leads and Referrals

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Source: NexJ
Date: November 2012
Type: White Paper
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Overview: More and more, multi-line insurance organizations are focusing on driving revenue opportunities through leads, referrals and enterprise cross-selling. As a result, the lead and referral management paradigm has expanded beyond traditional lead generation methods to include new opportunities derived by mining existing customer bases for cross line of business and cross-product leads and referrals.

Download the whitepaper, Driving New and Organic Growth:Identify and Capitalize on Enterprise Leads and Referrals, and learn how next generation CRM can drive the success of an enterprise wide lead and referral management program for insurance companies. Discover strategies on how to:

Identify and route opportunities
Ensure that individuals across the organization can not only identify opportunities for referrals, but also route them to the right person for prompt action.

Ensure a consistent customer experience
Increase premiums and strengthen relationships by delivering superior, consistent service to customers across the enterprise.

Support regulatory and privacy requirements
Balance the need for transparency and management oversight across lines of business with changing regulatory and privacy requirements.

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