3 Common Mistakes associated with Document Retention Strategies

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Date: January 2008
Type: White Paper
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Overview: The sheer volume of business information has increased exponentially since the electronic age, and can be a barrier to document retention and timely retrieval. Even email messages are now considered to be corporate records, and, as such, can be admitted as part of litigation. Consequently, retaining all of a company’s corporate information is not an option. Companies that are able to implement a successful document retention strategy recognize the need for an enterprise approach. They understand that electronic records management is a key component of success. Above all, they steer clear of three common mistakes that are associated with document retention strategies: failure to enact a company-wide retention policy, substituting a backup system for a data repository, and lack of automation in their retention/disposition strategy. This article discusses common mistakes that are made in creating document management strategies, and ways to address them proactively.

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