Modern Policy Administration Systems Require Modern Implementation Methodologies

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Date: December 2008
Type: White Paper
Rating: (5)

Overview: The insurance industry is rife with anecdotes of late or failed implementations and millions of dollars lost in the process. In the Celent report "The 18 Month Rule: Avoiding The Endless Project" (Nov. 2006), it was noted that “between 30% and 80% of all large projects fail, with most estimates coming in on the higher side of this range.” But it doesn’t have to be this way –- implementations of modern policy admin systems can be successful. Learn how a modern, iterative implementation approach delivers proven success for the world’s largest insurers. The white paper outlines the 7 Steps to a successful implementation and the benefits of a highly configurable, modern policy administration system. Learn how modern implementation methodologies: Mitigate risk Achieve earlier ROI Reduce total cost of ownership; and Help insurers realize self-sufficiency sooner

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