An East Coast Insurance Company and DocFinity®: Prompt Delivery of Services for Businesses

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Date: May 2007
Type: Case Study
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Overview: Operating in nine states, this corporation on the east coast is an insurance holding company for a colorful array of wholesale insurance agencies. The company’s primary focus is on writing insurance for commercial lines, government municipalities, and personal lines. Prior to automation, the company faced inefficiencies from the growing volume of paper, not only because of the company’s growth and the relative increase in paper, but because of the increasing federal regulations and the corresponding paper trails that have to show who has accessed and annotated which documents, and when. Efficient management of this information had become difficult. The home office and its satellite offices faced a common business challenge: the need to help their employees manage the paper squalls effectively and to become more efficient. Digital imaging, bar code recognition, electronic workflow, and records retention presented an integrated electronic document management solution that enabled the company to provide instant access to information, quicker turnaround in processing time, better service to its constituents, and much more. This story discusses common business challenges and the steps it took that ultimately helped the company to compete effectively in the marketplace.

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