Risky Business: How The Warranty Group Manages Risk to Maximize Return on their Investment Portfolio

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Date: September 2011
Type: Case Study
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Overview: The Warranty Group sought out a single, automated and integrated platform that provided specific, comprehensive coverage of global assets across numerous portfolios at individual portfolio, composite and aggregate levels. It also needed to provide finance and accounting teams, treasurers, the chief investment officer, the CFO, and the Board of Directors with the ability to drill-down to individual securities. Such a system would allow The Warranty Group to segment different geographical regions into individual portfolio accounts, allowing for more logical and relevant comparisons.

Business Situation:

Difficulty managing counterparty, country risk exposures and pockets of currency risk

Accounting was focused on processing, rather than managing their investments

Data was in several locations limiting the ability to strategically and proactively mitigate risk

Solution Selection:

Sought out a single, automated and integrated investment reporting platform that provided global coverage across numerous portfolios

Visibility and timeliness imperative to developing a complex asset allocation strategy

Needed to segment different geographical regions into individual portfolio accounts

Results and Benefits:

Provided investment accounting reporting, compliance notifications, performance charts and risk exposure

Able to report which items present the greatest operational risk in their Enterprise Risk Management system

Fully web-based, service-supported software model with dedicated Account Managers

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