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Data in the Digital Era [ Source: TCS ]

January 2015- Data is not a new proposition or challenge for insurers. However, in today's data-driven digital era, insurers need to think of data differently as they embark on their digital transformation journeys. This whitepaper describes how insurers are using data in each line of business in this new digital era. The paper discusses the use of an outcome-driven approach to define data strategy and develop a holistic view of the customer.

The Social Marketer vs. the Social Enterprise [ Source: Dell ]

December 2014- Social media efforts in financial services institutions are typically marketing-led initiatives that focus on branding and customer awareness without sufficient attention to ROI, according to new research from UBM Tech. The survey of professionals in banking, insurance, and capital markets, sponsored by Dell, set out to answer key questions on social media use in financial services. A minority of the financial institutions that responded are taking a broader, enterprise view of social media that seeks ...

The State of Cross-Channel Customer Engagement [ Source: Aditi Technologies ]

November 2014- For many businesses, progress beyond the basics of customer engagement has stalled. They have not yet orchestrated multi-channel engagement, acquired a single view of the customer, or built true personalization into their customer experiences, according to this recent UBM Tech survey. It is time for CMOs and CIOs to team up and take digital transformation to the next level or risk having their businesses become irrelevant.

Leveraging Business Intelligence to Improve Claims Performance and Results [ Source: Systema Software ]

October 2014- There's a wealth of information trapped in claim systems and operational databases. Business intelligence tools hold the key to unlock the insights executives need to reduce claims costs, optimize efficiency and enhance customer service.

Customer Experience Management: Optimize the Omnichannel Experience for Your Insurance Customers [ Source: IBM ]

February 2014- Insurance companies' customers use an array of digital devices and channels to communicate, and insurers must be ready to help them. Customer experience management lets insurers deliver a seamless experience, where they see what their customers see and turn that visibility into insight and action.

SAP Circular Authority [ Source: SAP ]

January 2014- SAP Circular Authority for Insurance enables easy tracking and analysis of ISO Circulars in the Cloud. Insurance carriers can improve speed to market and reduce the effort required to analyze and interpret ISO circulars, which represents 32% of the of the overall circular adoption effort. SAP Circular Authority cloud-based solution also supports improved quality and compliance of an insurer's ISO-based products. Content is interpreted by ISO, delivered electronically, and presented in a business-friendly way. The overall ...

Customer Communications in Life Insurance: Enabling Profitable Growth [ Source: Cincom Systems ]

February 2013- This whitepaper from Strategy Meets Action (SMA) focuses on superior customer communication's role in capitalizing on the changes that are occurring in the life insurance industry. The twin pillars for profitable growth - new customer acquisition and improved retention - depend on high quality customer communications. This is not a case in which technology advancements fall short of needed solution requirements. The automated tools are in place. The capabilities for supporting the creation, management, and ...

Insurers Gain New Insights with Integrated Process and Content Management [ Source: Perceptive Software ]

July 2012- Most insurance companies realize that their IT infrastructure is one of their most valuable assets. The question is: How can they leverage these systems to improve how they acquire and retain customers, manage risk, attain regulatory compliance and optimize business processes?

The answer is to invest in technologies, such as enterprise content management (ECM), business process management (BPM), business intelligence (BI) platforms and analytical tools.

Customer Centricity in Insurance Sales, Service and Saving the Customer [ Source: Pegasystems ]

February 2012- Pegasystems offers a unified solution that encompasses all of the technical capabilities required to deliver on your strategy for customer centricity. Pega leverages rules-driven processes, enterprise case management, real-time decision management and unified channel management to bring together all of the people, systems, channels and information needed to anticipate and respond appropriately during each customer interaction.

Improving Multi-Channel Customer Experiences [ Source: Kofax ]

December 2011- Automated capture solutions have strategic implications for insurers in terms of improved multi-channel customer experiences, revenue growth in a soft market, higher responsiveness to regulatory changes, and insightful business intelligence. Hear about these benefits in an exclusive TechWeb podcast featuring Jeff Ballard from Kofax, the industry leader for capture-driven processes.

Insurer Priorities and Plans Analyst Report [ Source: EMC Document Sciences ]

November 2011- This Strategy Meets Action (SMA) research report highlights the growing role of customer communications and document/content management (CCM and ECM) in insurance. The combination of the ongoing economic uncertainty and evolving expectations of customers, results in a very competitive landscape. Learn why ECM & CCM continue to be core technologies that enable insurers to grow, reduce costs, and improve overall customer service.Compliments of EMC (

The Critical Importance of Archiving in the Financial Services Industry [ Source: ARCMAIL ]

November 2011- This white paper discusses the requirement for financial services firms to retain content of various types, and it discusses what organizations should do to satisfy these obligations. It also provides a brief overview of ArcMail, the sponsor of this white paper and a leading provider of archiving systems.

Insurance: Converging Customers, Cost Management and Compliance [ Source: Kofax ]

February 2011- As challenges always provide chances, the future looks good for the insurance industry as a whole. Companies that understand the new market dynamics and take a holistic approach to cost management, operational efficiency, customer value and risk management will come out as clear winners, driving income, profit and business growth. Globalization and today’s technologies are working in favor of those organizations.

How to Shorten Insurance BI Implementation [ Source: Oracle ]

September 2010- Insurance executives understand that Business Intelligence (BI) can help them make smarter business decisions that will ultimately put their companies in the best possible competitive position. Discover a new “adaptive data modeling” approach that streamlines insurance BI projects, shortening implementation timelines from years to months by automating many aspects of the BI process.

Insurance: Converging Customers, Cost Management and Compliance [ Source: Kofax ]

March 2010- In general, the global financial crisis has not hit the insurance industry as hard as the banking or investment industry, but all insurers, both local and global, face mounting challenges. Insurers face a new consumer world: Policy holders and prospects lack both trust and disposable income, and the new generation demands unprecedented choice of products and services, rates, flexibility, communication and interaction channels and quality of care. As challenges always provide chances, the future looks ...

Achieving Measurable Gains by Automating Claims Processing [ Source: Kofax ]

March 2010- For nearly all lines of personal and commercial insurance, reducing the cost of claims processing is key to profitability. Reducing cycle time, the elapsed time from opening a claim to its settlement, is key to customer satisfaction. Moving to a fully automated process is a goal for claims processing of nearly all insurance executives. Companies are at various levels of automation and often do not have an appropriate strategy to achieve higher levels of automation. <...

Best Practices for Delivering Superior Customer Experience [ Source: EMC Document Sciences ]

January 2009- This white paper explores the benefits of implementing a CCM platform, identifies the necessary capabilities of such a platform, and supplies organizations with a frame of reference when considering CCM platform options.

15 Minute Guide to Multichannel Marketing Communications [ Source: EMC Document Sciences ]

June 2010- This guide focuses on the challenges of creating and delivering personalized marketing communications across multiple publishing channels.

It examines the creation of multichannel marketing communications, the role of content and data management, and how software can be used to automate and manage various production and delivery processes.

The Evolution of Data Quality in the Insurance Market [ Source: SAS Institute ]

March 2010- Users care less whether a data element is accurate 99 percent of the time than they do about the 1 percent inaccuracy that caused problems with reconciling a financial report, responding to a customer or adjusting a claim decision. So it is important to have a program in place that ensures users’ trust in data. Data needs to be treated as a long-term corporate asset to be protected, invested in, maintained and improved for sustained ROI. Insurance ...

Enterprise Case Management : A Structured framework for holistic management in financial services [ Source: SAS Institute ]

January 2010- Enterprise Case Management significantly reduces the time and effort of investigating fraud and resolving customer service cases. By automating workflows, it unites departments at an enterprise level, and offers comprehensive reporting and management dashboards on demand. It helps eliminate significant day-to-day manual effort, evolving a more comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of risk management across the organization’s risk departments. The solution is adaptable for most any business process that requires tracking of cases across functions and ...

MAIL360 -- Leveraging the Value of Intelligent Mail Technology [ Source: Pitney Bowes Business Insight ]

September 2008- Starting in fall 2009, bulk mailers will be required to use Intelligent Mail® barcodes to qualify for the lowest postal rates. Besides lower postal rates, Intelligent Mail® benefits include address correction, virtual return mail, tracking and delivery confirmation. This new technology also allows you to embed data into the barcode that provides you specific information, unique to every single piece of mail sent. MAIL360™ is the most comprehensive solution in the industry to leverage the value ...

Best Practices for Leveraging Business Analytics in Today's and Tomorrow's Insurance Sector [ Source: SAS Institute ]

January 2009- The use of business analytics continues to permeate the insurance marketplace. This report shares the insights of industry thought leaders as they describe the cultural, organizational, technological and personnel challenges required to more broadly adopt and utilize business analytics. New technology capabilities, business models and data sources are constantly emerging. The successful organizations will be those that concentrate as much on the implementation and deployment of business analytics as on the technology itself. For these ...

Critical Compliance Technologies for the Insurance Industry [ Source: Siperian, Inc. ]

February 2009- The compliance challenges insurers face are uniquely complex in that every state in the United States maintains its own distinct insurance regulations, and these laws and policies vary widely across different insurance lines of business. Additionally, most states impose strict reporting requirements by which insurers must regularly document their compliance with the various statutes. Depending on the policy type—life, home, auto, health coverage, etc.—reporting guidelines can require a confusing array of quarterly and ...

15-Minute Guide: Driving Customer Loyalty Through Superior Correspondence Management for Insurance [ Source: EMC Document Sciences ]

December 2008- As an insurance professional, you know time is a precious commodity. You constantly need to distill new concepts, evaluate options, and implement complex strategies to reach current and potential customers. When you need information, you want it in a form that can be assimilated quickly—forget the mind-numbing detail and get to the point.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a series of 15-minute guides for essential topics in customer communications management. ...

15-Minute Guide: Driving Customer Loyalty Through Superior Correspondence Management for Healthcare [ Source: EMC Document Sciences ]

October 2008- Healthcare insurers provide one of the most valuable services in the lives of health plan members. Covering the costs of medical emergencies, outpatient care, routine checkups, preventive care, and other vital services for members and their families, healthcare insurers have an enormous responsibility to the members who buy and use their products. Consequently, the relationship of healthcare providers, agents, and brokers with the plan members they serve is the most important one in the insurance ...

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