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Leaky Risk: Hidden Losses that Cost Insurance Companies Money [ Source: Perceptive Software ]

April 2014- Your organization may be at risk because of issues that aren't on your radar but offer significant exposure."Leaky" Risk: Hidden Losses that Cost Insurance Companies Money, offers an industry veteran's perspective on how to identify potentially troublesome areas and use process and content management technology to mitigate the risk

Top 5 Ways Process and Content Management Helps Insurers Increase Profitability [ Source: Perceptive Software ]

April 2014- Discover how improved processes and better information access impact on your profits. 5 Ways Process and Content Management Helps Insurers Increase Profitability highlights how to get a handle on the complex, document-intensive processes that drive your business.

Data Integrity and Visibility that Turns Reform into Revenue [ Source: Infogix ]

March 2014- For health insurers, data integrity and visibility are key to successful integration with the Federal Marketplace. However, complex processes and trivial errors can lead to data gaps that impact revenue, profitability and member satisfaction. Adopting a standardized approach to data integrity early in the process is critical to successfully adapting to the technologies and processes of the Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare Reform Will Talk SMAC [ Source: ISG ]

February 2014- The Affordable Care Act creates a powerful set of incentives to expose and eliminate inefficiency and drive a transition from the existing fee-for-services model to bundled payments and outcome-based service delivery across treatments and supply chains. In this emerging environment, insurers will transform into true "wellness" companies, with a financial stake in improving the health of their covered populations.

The disruptive technologies of social media, mobility, analytics and big data and Cloud (SMAC) ...

SAP Circular Authority [ Source: SAP ]

January 2014- SAP Circular Authority for Insurance enables easy tracking and analysis of ISO Circulars in the Cloud. Insurance carriers can improve speed to market and reduce the effort required to analyze and interpret ISO circulars, which represents 32% of the of the overall circular adoption effort. SAP Circular Authority cloud-based solution also supports improved quality and compliance of an insurer's ISO-based products. Content is interpreted by ISO, delivered electronically, and presented in a business-friendly way. The overall ...

How Insurers Can Effectively Meet the Challenges of the ACA [ Source: Verint ]

January 2014- The Affordable Care Act (ACA) already has created a considerable amount of concern in the healthcare industry. It's also opening up new opportunities as well as significant business challenges for health insurance companies. Insurers need a means of:

• Handling the influx of new members
• Understanding the needs of these new members
• Ensuring processes are in place to meet compliance and quality standards
• Monitoring change as business models transition from an ...

Industrialization of Business Operations in the Insurance Industry [ Source: Genpact ]

November 2013- A volatile economic and investment environment, changing customer needs, and increasing regulatory scrutiny continue to push insurance companies to find new ways to improve revenue, capital utilization, risk profile, and ultimately profitability. As claims and expenses rise at a faster rate than premiums, and investment yields (and, often, spreads) decrease, insurers also cut costs. With the transformation of support operations across the industry, the traditional model of maintaining multiple or non-standardized back offices to support ...

Auto Insurance - Driving into the Sunset? [ Source: TCS ]

November 2013- In this white paper, we highlight how insurance companies must be able to change their systems and processes to develop and to accurately price new products and insurance packages. This will require agility in responding to the opportunities and insurers will need to evaluate their readiness to create and service new and relevant insurance products across all channels and proactively transform their new business and policy administration platforms.

IT Influencer Brief: Automating Producer Lifecycle Management, A Roadmap for IT [ Source: Vertafore ]

July 2013- IT Influencer Brief: Automating Producer Lifecycle Management, A Roadmap for IT would help IT influencers quickly identify how they can best support their business users, and remove typical IT pushback hot buttons like "we can build it ourselves" and "this is yet another add-on system that's going to take way too much of our time and money to support". By making the case for a SaaS-based,automated PLM application that seamlessly integrates with and drives ...

Be Aggressive: How Insurance Executives Can Fight Back Against Increasing Costs, Risk and Fraud by Analyzing All of Their Data [ Source: Trillium Software ]

March 2013- Despite investments in the latest claims management systems, data warehouses and analytical tools, you are overlooking valuable information hidden away in free form text fields such as claims adjuster notes and documents in electronic formats such as PDFs.

This white paper demonstrates how insurance companies can access and analyze the 50%+ of your claims data that is just out of reach.

• Reduce annual claims and LAE costs by millions of dollars<...

Customer Communications in Life Insurance: Enabling Profitable Growth [ Source: Cincom Systems ]

February 2013- This whitepaper from Strategy Meets Action (SMA) focuses on superior customer communication's role in capitalizing on the changes that are occurring in the life insurance industry. The twin pillars for profitable growth - new customer acquisition and improved retention - depend on high quality customer communications. This is not a case in which technology advancements fall short of needed solution requirements. The automated tools are in place. The capabilities for supporting the creation, management, and ...

Is Your Claims Management System Falling Short of Expectations? [ Source: Trillium Software ]

February 2013- After investing millions of dollars and countless hours over multiple years to implement, is your claims management system providing the information and analytical capabilities that you need?

By analyzing adjuster notes and content in electronic documents - the 50%+ of information that is often overlooked by a claims management system - you can gain unprecedented insight into your claims operations.

Read this paper and learn how to leverage this information to reduce ...

Time for Action: Leveraging Untapped Claims Data Sources to Lower Workers' Compensation Costs [ Source: Trillium Software ]

February 2013- Why are you making decisions with information based on only 50% of data available in your workers' compensation claim files?

Read our white paper and learn how to automatically pinpoint indicators for drug abuse, obesity, malingerers and other red flags across all of your adjuster notes and free form text fields.

•  Reduce costs by identifying people pre-disposed to
    longer-than-needed recovery periods
•  Enhance client satisfaction by speeding return-to-work
•  ...

Achieving Technology Self-Sufficiency Requires a Marathon, Not a Sprint [ Source: Sapiens ]

February 2013- As insurers work to achieve self-sufficiency, they need to proceed with eyes wide open. They should be well prepared, and take stock of both their organization, and the vendor's organization and solution offering.

The Best-of-Class Strategy Makes a Return in the Cloud Era [ Source: UNIT4 CODA, Inc. ]

November 2012- This report takes a look at UNIT4 and how the company's financial solution Coda Financials enables the financial executive to have a no-compromise approach to financial modeling and applications choice i.e. adding, keeping or changing business applications without losing control or increasing the risk of non-compliancy.

The Best-of-Class Financial Systems Strategy: An Alternative to ERP Platforms [ Source: UNIT4 CODA, Inc. ]

November 2012- This white paper features insight from the UNIT4 group (which includes the CODA Financials software suite) about the issues facing companies that need an adaptable financial system but not necessarily a full-blown enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Also featured in this white paper: TEC's suggestions for identifying financial system functionality that will support your organization's changing processes. The latter portion of this white paper includes a descriptive checklist for soliciting such information about ...

IT Influencer Brief: Automating Producer Lifecycle Management, A Roadmap for IT Success [ Source: Vertafore ]

November 2012- This brief helps IT influencers quickly identify how they can best support their business users, and remove typical IT pushback hot buttons like “we can build it ourselves” and “this is yet another add-on system that’s going to take way too much of our time and money to support”, by making the case for SaaS-based, automated PLM application that seamlessly integrates with and breathes new life and up-to-date producer data into entrenched legacy systems

Driving New and Organic Growth: Identify and Capitalize on Enterprise Leads and Referrals [ Source: NexJ ]

November 2012- More and more, multi-line insurance organizations are focusing on driving revenue opportunities through leads, referrals and enterprise cross-selling. As a result, the lead and referral management paradigm has expanded beyond traditional lead generation methods to include new opportunities derived by mining existing customer bases for cross line of business and cross-product leads and referrals.

Download the whitepaper, Driving New and Organic Growth:Identify and Capitalize on Enterprise Leads and Referrals, and learn how ...

Efficient Producer Lifecycle Management (PLM): How Growth-minded Carriers are Scaling through Automation [ Source: Vertafore ]

November 2012- This 8-page eBook from Vertafore educates carriers on the basics & importance of Producer Lifecycle Management (PLM), & how these processes can be adopted, optimized & automated. Managing the producer lifecycle often involves disjointed processes, manual and redundant data entry, and efficient transactions across multiple internal systems.

Efficient Producer Lifecycle Management (PLM) accelerates producer sales authorizations by automating the transactions required to get and maintain requisite credentials and selling relationships, while adhering to regulation and upholding ...

Insurance Carriers: Here's Your Clear Path For Growth [ Source: Vertafore ]

November 2012- Straight from the horse's mouth: The following infographic presents expansion bottlenecks, resource restraints, strategic influencers, & a toolkit for success around transforming Producer Lifecycle Management, as offered by other insurance companies hoping to elevate Producer Lifecycle Management to a strategic initiative.

Bottom line? To achieve growth objectives, carriers need to spend more time pursuing strategic initiatives and less time on the tasks and communication required to get and keep their sales channel authorized to ...

From Vision to Reality: Producing Results with Automated Document Factory [ Source: Oracle ]

November 2012- This paper will discuss how the Automated Document Factory offers a single, cohesive vision to solve document-related business pains and help insurers take advantage of new opportunities.

The Oracle Insurance Survey: Overcoming IT Hurdles to Success [ Source: Oracle ]

November 2012- New research by Oracle and Insurance Networking News sheds light on insurers struggle to attain agility. This white paper reveals the research findings to illuminate challenges that hinder insurers efforts to meet their business goals.

Core Systems Modernization: Harnessing the Power of Rules-Based Policy Administration [ Source: Oracle ]

November 2012- This brief discusses how insurers can harness the power of rules-based configurability to derive faster time to value during key phases in their policy administration transformation projects requirements gathering and integration through the use of process models or configuration templates.

Company's Annuity Operations Increases Scale and Gains Efficiencies Using Straight Through Process (STP) and Best of Breed platforms [ Source: Oracle ]

November 2012- The "Company" examined in this White Paper is a major financial services firm offering Variable and Fixed Annuity products through six insurance manufacturers, including its own. The Company recognized the need to improve the services they provide to their advisors to spur continued growth, increase annuity product offerings, and simplify the sales process.

The distributor and their insurance partners made a commitment to move toward an automated environment. Together, they improved operations without ...

Four Trends Driving Document Automation [ Source: Oracle ]

November 2012- This paper will describe four trends influencing EDA that help improve customer satisfaction, reduce cost and drive efficiency:

1. Empowerment: Giving customers real time web and mobile self-service options, while enabling business users to create dynamic communications
2. Leveraging analytics and business intelligence to improve efficiency and speed to market
3. Automating the document lifecycle to optimize processing and support high-volume printing
4. Consolidating EDA systems with the goal of reducing costs and centralizing ...

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