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About This Company:

BP Logix delivers BPM solutions that enable companies to run more efficiently. These solutions provide an infrastructure that encompasses workflow, document management, application integration and collaboration - and are based on a strong understanding of business and IT roles. As a result our solutions empower business users to manage and optimize their business processes. Workflow Director and Process Director eliminate the need for users to undergo a major "process change" while automating business processes. We provide intuitive, easy-to-use software whose key components include a graphical workflow builder, a Word-based eForm builder, graphical business rules engine - and the ability to integrate with applications including ERP systems, Excel and SharePoint. BP Logix understands the needs of Human Resources, IT, Purchasing, Accounting and Finance for better visibility into business processes -- and how to translate that for business users. Our products help customers work together more effectively to improve productivity and workflow.

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