Relational SalesPro, LLC

About This Company:

Relational SalesPro, supplies proactive, web-based relationship marketing and lead management software designed to provide CL, EB and PL Insurance producers with cost-effective and innovative strategies for insurance sales prospecting, lead nurturing, brand building, and increased customer loyalty. SALESPRO is the only insurance-specific turnkey relationship marketing and pipeline management system, developed and architected by insurance producers who understand today's marketplace. Unlike any CRM, drip marketing, or nurture marketing software, SALESPRO undergirds prospecting weaknesses, leverages and optimizes time and efforts by organizing the insurance sales prospecting process.

SALESPRO delivers consistent high-touch, high-content, high-tech customized communication, allowing the producer to focus time and energy on converting leads into sales, building customer loyalty, and growing a profitable book of business. As the most technologically advanced insurance relationship marketing system on the market today, SALESPRO's methodical approach manages the otherwise unwieldy task of creating and maintaining trust.

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